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Who We Are

At Exodus Worldlink, we don’t just plan trips; we craft unforgettable journeys. As a world-class travel agency, we’re passionate about exploring the globe, and our mission is to share that passion with you. With decades of experience in the travel industry, we have honed our expertise to create extraordinary travel experiences for our clients.

What We Do

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Local Tours

Experience the magic of Zimbabwe with our local tours.

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Visa Processing

Let us handle the complexities of visa processing, making your travel preparations a breeze

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Hotel Accommodation

Rest in comfort and luxury during your travels with our hotel accommodation options.

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Car Rental

Drive at your own pace and explore your chosen destination with our car rental services.

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Plane Ticketing

Secure your flight tickets with ease through Exodus Worldlink.

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Airport Transfers

Make a smooth transition from the airport to your accommodation.

Join us in making your travel dreams a reality.

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